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Semperguard Xtra Lite Nitrile PF


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Product Description

Semperguard® gloves comply with resistance against blood-borne pathogens according to ASTM F 167

CE category III protective glove for complex risks

CE class I examination glove

  • Specially developed formulation and innovative production process for a wafer- thin nitrile glove with excellent elasticity for good wearing comfort
  • Tested an certified according to 1935/2004 – suitable for food contact
  • Free from phthalates/softeners and allergenic latex proteins
  • Lavender-coloured – suitable for areas subject to HACCP standards
  • In the handy big pack (200 gloves S, M, L and 180 gloves XL) for optimised logistics through
    → longer use of a package – less frequent replacement intervals at the workplace
    → reduced warehouse logistics – lower distribution costs through longer warehouse intervals
    → less packaging material – less packaging waste

Additional Information

glove size Small ( 7 ), Med ( 8 ), Large ( 9 ), Extra Large ( 10 )